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4D University has 1 overarching goal: Graduation from 3rd Density and the attainment of 4th Density consciousness here and now.

4D University is an online academy that teaches and facilitates the expansion of human consciousness; a resource for anyone who wishes to fulfill their soul's purpose in graduating to the 4th Density. 4DU offers a curriculum of the most potent teachings and practices available in a systematic format which allows for maximum integration.

4D University Courses are comprehensive self-study classes on mind training, meditation, and advanced yoga practices for inner purification, kundalini activation and cultivation of self-mastery.


1. Access to the full 4DU Curriculum of advanced spiritual and metaphysical teachings, training programs, integrated yoga techniques and meditation practices.

2. Be part of an online community of light workers from around the world who are fully committed to the path of spiritual ascension.

3. Live weekly lectures and Q&A calls.


                    MASTER YOUR MIND

An eight-week course of intensive mind-training, aimed towards improving self-awareness and spiritual intelligence. Master Your Mind provides the framework for massive spiritual expansion and inner freedom by taking you through a deep and systematic teaching on the Ego’s thought system, equipping you with powerful tools and knowledge to transcend the limitations of 3rd density consciousness. 


Do you feel stuck in your meditation practice? This eight-week course is designed to turn a beginning meditator into an advanced meditator and allow you to fall in love with your daily meditation practice. Meditation is the way to God-Union, inner freedom and 4th density consciousness. This course will take you through all the dimensions of meditation, accessing all 5 brainwave states, and push you to go a little bit deeper than the day before. By the end of this program, you will wake up each morning with a joy and excitement to dive into your meditation practice and unlock all of the power this practice has to offer.


4DAP (4th Density Ascension Protocol)

4DAP is the culmination of the 4D University curriculum. After laying the necessary groundwork in "Master Your Mind" and "Meditation Mastery", this three-month training program takes you through the process of a Kundalini awakening. What we have classically known as “Kundalini” is really our 4th density energy, lying dormant within the nervous system and awaiting activation. Enlightenment is a condition that manifests naturally once the nervous system is properly prepared for it through great spiritual effort. Enlightenment is a neurobiological transformation of the entire nervous system, from a 3rd density level to a 4th density level. 4DAP is a workable system of advanced yoga practices and integrated techniques designed to facilitate this inner transformation by safely and gradually raising the Kundalini life force up through the 7 energy centers to the crown, at which point one becomes a 4th density Being. This course walks you through the activation process using many powerful sitting and non-sitting practices. Because this is an advanced course that requires much hands-on training, it is the final program in the 4D University Curriculum. 



4D University is a month-to-month membership that takes you through a comprehensive curriculum of spiritual courses designed to facilitate consciousness expansion. All of the course content, community and live weekly calls are accessed on the 4D University app and/or web platform. The 4DU course curriculum takes approximately 7 months to complete, as a new module is unlocked each week.

There are only two memberships: The Student Membership and the Alumni Membership. The Student Membership is $222/month for at least 7 months. Upon completion of the course curriculum, you are eligible to become an “Alumni Member” and only pay $22/month to keep continued access to all the course content, community and live weekly calls going forward. Just email [email protected] to initiate your Alumni transfer.

If you purchase via iOS, there may be extra fees. Please review your total membership cost at check out to confirm your monthly membership payment. 

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These courses are no longer sold separately and are only available within 4D University.

Our weekly live Q&A calls are on Sundays at 12pm-2pm EST. These are live calls facilitated by Aaron, answering questions from 4DU members via chat box entry or brought on the call to be expressed by the member. If you cannot attend the call live, you can submit questions beforehand and watch the replays in the replay section of the platform.

No. The courses in 4DU are comprehensive self-study courses that require studying, meditation, advanced yoga practices and consistent self-examination. Each of the courses builds the foundation needed for the following one, so they are given in a specific order. The content within each course is time-released based upon your start date to ensure that the courses are taken appropriately, as spiritual transformation is not to be rushed. There is no rushing or skipping ahead. The courses can be paced as slowly as the student desires, but the fastest the curriculum can be completed is 7 months.

An "advanced seeker" is simply one who deeply desires spiritual growth and self-actualization. Whether you have been on a spiritual path for decades, or only a few months, 4D University starts from the ground up and will meet anyone where they are currently at in their spiritual development. The teachings and practices in this curriculum will go as deep as you are able to go. So regardless of your level of experience or understanding of the spiritual path, you will get exactly what you need. If you bring the hunger and desire for self-actualization, 4D University will cover the rest.

As 4D University is a self paced program, you can take as much or as little time as you'd like through the coursework. Each course will vary as the module contents change from course to course. You can expect to dedicate around 5 hours a week on course work. This consists of watching the video lectures, doing the daily meditations as prescribed, journaling and reading lessons. However, the crux of the 4DU practices cannot be measured in "time", as they are about paying attention to your inner world, noticing certain activities of the mind and expanding self-awareness in specific ways. These mindfulness practices given in 4DU can and will go on during any normal daily activity, so they cannot be factored into the "time" required by the course. The passion and devotion you have to your ascension will determine how much of your day you spend watching yourself and applying the teachings you are learning in the curriculum.


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As 4DU is a membership based platform, once you cancel, you will not have access to the coursework until you subscribe again. 


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In 4D University, we do not offer scholarships for a few important reasons. The first and most important reason is that I teach in 4DU and in my free online content, that there is no lack in this Universe whatsoever. The belief in lack is the first belief of the ego. Any experience of lack in our life is only a representation of a wrong belief we are holding in our mind. As someone who is passionately convicted of this fact, it is a violation of my integrity and Truth to agree with someone's belief in lack by offering a financial scholarship. Self-Actualization requires that our life become an authentic expression of the Truth we profess we believe. As such, I must live by the principles I teach. Lack does not exist, so I will not belief my future students by affirming their lack. The Universe can and will provide the financial resources to anyone who feels called to join 4DU, and practicing abundance is a key teaching in the curriculum itself. Helping people who are suffering from hunger, sickness, and so forth is a different story. No one is suffering physically because they cannot join 4DU. It is strictly a financial lack belief that I encourage all who desire to join 4DU to transcend. This is part of how I teach about overcoming the first belief of ego: Do not agree with lack anywhere, especially not when it comes to finances. Simply create the intention to have the financial resources, and they shall be yours.

Without a single exception, every single free handout I have given to anyone in my programs has resulted in them not even completing the first half of the program. Jesus said, "you know a tree by its fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit". I have never once seen good fruit come out of giving my programs out for free. That is just the Truth. The Universe has taught me this lesson very clearly over the past few years. I want all those who join my programs to have complete success. Every single person who has manifested the money and paid for the program over the last 2 years, without a single exception, has left a testimonial of how much growth and transformation they received.

The third reason is that I have already made 4D University very affordable. One of my main reasons for creating 4DU was the desire to make my courses more affordable. I have made all my programs 80% cheaper in 4DU. So if you feel called to be here, I will believe with you that the money you need will manifest itself exactly on time. If it is not manifested yet, then we can trust that the Universe is saying it is not your time to be in 4DU yet. In the meantime, I create a huge amount of free content on my YouTube channel every week, so nobody "needs" to be in my programs. We must always trust that Source's actions are perfect in every way. For that reason, I know that you will be in 4D University exactly when you are supposed to be. I appreciate your interest in this program and look forward to working with you in 4DU in the future, should that be what destiny has in store.


Because 4D University is a month-to-month membership, all monthly donation payments are final and we do not offer refunds. If you choose to cancel for any reason, you may do so at your discretion and if you choose to return to 4DU later, all of your current progress will be saved and you can pick up where you left off in the curriculum. 

For any other questions about 4D University, email [email protected]